Farmer group driving industry transformation and growth in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia

SCF Co-operatives Project - farmers working together co-operatively in the Great Southern Region of WA to bring economic prosperity and social benefits to the WA agricultural industry through value chain co-operation.

One of the enterprises being looked at in the feasibility study is a feed lot for a locally branded prime lamb product

One of the enterprises being looked at in the feasibility study is a feed lot for a locally branded prime lamb product


Seeking to capitalise on high value commodity markets and value-added food production opportunities, the Stirlings to Coast Farmers group (SCF) have embarked on a new initiative to establish a farmer's Co-operative in the Great Southern region of WA.

With increasingly competitive commodity markets, there is a real appetite among farmers to diversify business risks and increase competitiveness through collaboration.  By working together, farmers can realise real efficiency gains that they would not be able to achieve as individual businesses without incurring significant debt and risk. 

Latest Update on the Co-operatives Project

SCF are pleased to announce the launch of the new farmer-owned co-operative on February 28, 2019 from 4pm, following the GRDC Regional Grains Research Updates, at Kendenup Lodge, Moorilup Rd. To register your attendance head to For further information on how the Co-op will work or to register an expression of interest to be involved, please click on the buttons below.

SCF Co-operative Information Videos

Why a Co-operative?

What is happening with the Co-op project and how can I get involved?

SCF Farmer's Co-operative Value Proposition


Legendary Peter Trefort announced as ambassador for new farmer's co-operative in the Great Southern

A prominent spokesperson for farming, Peter Trefort, has been formally announced as the ambassador for a new farmer-led initiative to establish an agricultural co-operative in the Great Southern.

Peter is a fourth-generation farmer who previously ran a mixed farming and meat processing enterprise in Narrogin.  Peter is no stranger to driving industry initiatives having co-founded the Q-Lamb brand and marketed premium lamb products into domestic and international markets.  His new role supporting the initiative is welcomed by Stirlings to Coast Farmers (SCF) who are behind the drive to establish a co-operative enterprise.

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Co-operatives Project Update - November 2017

Farmers met with Co-op project team in Mount Barker last week to ground-truth the feedlot financial model.

The feasibility study about establishing a farmer-owned feedlot in the lower Great Southern is at the half way point. A group of experienced lot-feeders met with project consultant Mark Narustrang last week to test the assumptions in the financial model.

Co-operative Projects Executive Committee

Ken Drummond (Chair)

Lyn Slade

Jarrad Beech

John Beasley

Christine Kershaw

Chris Enright

Reece Curwen