Stirlings to Coast Farmers (SCF) is a membership based, farmer led organisation, with a steadily increasing membership of over 70 farm businesses representing over 170 farmers and their families, who manage approximately 200 000 ha, predominantly south of the Stirling Ranges.

The group is recognised as being a progressive organisation with a steadily growing membership that is able to attract key sponsors as well as a growing number of corporate members.

The focus on research and development is supported by our R&D Team, as well as a Research Subcommittee led by one of our Management Committee members. This focus has led to a wide variety of trials being implemented either independently or in partnership with our sponsors.

SCF have a strong history of running very successful events.  This includes the Crop Updates, and Winter and Spring Field days, as well as many timely and season base field walks and workshops.  These events are planned and managed by two sub committees representing the west and east.

Communication of the latest farming opportunities, timely pest and disease alerts, and the latest R&D information through our members' newsletter, eNews and regular emails ensure SCF members are kept up to date.

New members find that being a member of Stirling to Coast Farmers will be a very cost effective investment in the future of their farm business as well as being an opportunity to see what others are doing as well as sharing what they do with others. 

Annual membership fees for the 2017/18  year are $300 (plus GST and invoiced pro rata).  Please complete the membership form below if you wish to become a Member and an invoice and membership pack will be sent out to you.

Stirlings to Coast Farmers - 1 Year Membership 2017/18

If you would like to join us as a Member, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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