SCF Focus Spring 2013 Newsletter

Find the following items In this Edition of our Newsletter:

  • Jottings from the Chair
  • SCF Research and Development Report- John Blake
  • Niche Barley Segregation???
  • Should We Cart, Crush of Cremate Weed Seeds To Manage Resistance?
  • Useful Websites and Apps
  • SCF Herbicide Resistance Testing 2013
  • Stirlings to Coast Farmers Spring Field Day
  • Spring Blackleg Management - Jeremy Lemon
  • Spring With Sabrina
  • Women in Agriculture - Tammy Wiehl
  • National Precision Ag Conference - John Blake
  • China Is Now Accepting Australian Canola; The Impact For The Albany Zone - CBH Group
  • Asthma Management on Farms - Farmsafe Alliance
  • SCF Field Walk Photos
  • The Management Committee

Download the Spring 2013 Newsletter here.