SCF Focus Summer 2013 Newsletter

Find the following items In this Edition of our Newsletter:

  • Jottings from the Chair
  • SCF Research and Development Report - John Blake
  • SCF: Barley Broad Scale Variety Trials 2013 - some preliminary results
  • Useful Websites and Apps
  • Thank You Steve and Geraldine
  • Canola Disease Survey 2013 - preliminary results
  • PING - Farm Office Efficiencies Workshop
  • CBH offers products to suit your Business - CBH Group
  • Improving Crop Establishment in Non-Wetting Soils Through Stubble Management - Kimberley Adams
  • Choose Varieties Carefully To Reduce Rust Risk - Peter Roberts GRDC
  • ‘Lime Bank’ Deposits A Good Investment - Dr Bill Ryan GRDC
  • Canola Disease Surveying and Weed Sampling Photos
  • The Management Committee

Download the Summer 2013 Newsletter here.