SCF Focus Summer 2014 Newsletter

Find the following items In this Edition of our Newsletter:

  • Jottings from the Chair
  • Preliminary Results: Barley Trial - John Blake
  • CBH Barley Variety Update
  • Useful Links
  • RCSN (GRDC) Profitable Legume Update
  • Pasture Trials Update
  • 2014 Canola Disease Survey Harvest -Jeremy Lemon, Steve & Geraldine Janicke
  • Mapping Soil Variation for Effective Input Use - Wes Lefroy (Soil Tech)
  • Rabobank - Global Perspective
  • Submit Paddock Information At A Click of A Button - CSBP
  • The Future Application of Aerial Drones for Crop Scouting - Patrick Weedon & John Blake
  • Controlling Ryegrass In Fencelines to Reduce Resistance - Sally Peltzer
  • Seatbelts Save Lives on Farms and Roads - Farmsafe
  • Field Day Activities... Photos
  • The Management Committee

Download the Summer 2014 Newsletter here.