1. Soils: including physical, chemical, biological amelioration

Soil water and Profit: Soil probes:  

Partner: J. Lemon Landmark
Farmers: Mal Thomson, Greg Mengler, Ongoing

Fertilizing non wetting soils +/- clay

Partner: CSBP Kieth Gundill
Scott Smith, Brendan Dovey,

Soil constraints (soil compaction esp.)

Partner: J. Lemon    
SCF Growers/Trial Hosts: Josh Goad, Derek Curwen
Some response - Deeper ripping 2015

Soil amelioration Delving and mould-board plus Lime

Partner: Derk Bakker
SCF Growers/Trial Hosts: Clint Willis, Mark Slattery +Gunwarrie and Greg Mengler (see below)

Treatment of sodic hard setting soils

Partner: Martin Wiehl    
SCF Growers/Trial Hosts: Martin Wiehl – gypsum trial. Martin monitors each spring for responses

Soil acidity and efficacy of Lime: lime quality and topsoil and subsoil pH (sub soil constraints)

Partner: Greg Mengler SCF and SCF
SCF Growers/Trial Hosts: Working Group plus industry. Lime efficiency Chris Gazey and SCNRM. Sharing of Lime test results (to go on new website). Greg Mengler, and Iain Mackie

Lime Efficiency and subsoil acidity SCNRM funded

Partners: Greg Mengler/ John Blake/ Chris Gazey/Wes Lefroy
SCF Growers/Trial Hosts: Greg Mengler
2015 treatments – lime application into subsoil with Mould board plough 30/3 SCNRM funding finishes 30 June 2015

VRT project and prescription mapping for lime efficiency – Precision soil tech project

Partner: Wes Lefroy, Ken Drummond and other growers
PST sites good for Spring Field day

Lime sources field test and systems for achieving efficiency

SCF funded startup- for 2014/15 funded by South Coast NRM
Western Group Precision Soil Tech
SCF Growers/Trial Hosts: Iain Mackie, Andrew Slade, Brad Lynch
Five sources of lime have been applied in replicated trial – Iain Mackie

Non-wetting soils – nil disturbance systems – pilot study with proposal for 2016 case studies forwarded

Partners: Margaret Roper, Steve Davies
Brad Wood, Peter Diprose, Mark Adams (see pilot trial at Peter’s place)

Lime- Cal Prill?

Partner: Keith Gundill- CSBP    Future sub soil drilling of Lime?

2. Crops and Cropping systems: Cereals, Oilseeds, Legumes - varieties

Broad-scale variety testing with seed companies

Partner: SCF Trials, Seed companies and Kith
Farmers: 2015 John Howard, Jarrad Beech, Mal Thomson, Brad Wood and Chris Kirkwood

Disease control with new fungicides on Canola and Barley (seed dressings and foliar apps)

Partner: Bayer and Elders Jake McGuire
Farmers: John Howard

High Rainfall region Wheat varieties

Partner: SCF Trials, Seed companies and Kith
Farmers: Brad Wood

Testing RT Canola varieties and systems

(No direct SCF involvement)    

Partners: Pac Seeds Mitch Tuffley    
Agrisearch and Elders (Living Farms)

NVT’s National Contract testing of varieties (No direct SCF involvement)

Contract – Kalyx and Agrisearch
Andrew Slade / Sandilands, Scott Smith

Barley Variety by agronomy:

Farmers: Jake McGuire and Mick Durant
Partners: Elders and Landmark

“Pod Guard” lines - Craig White

Partner: Bayer - Glenn Bergensen
New lines of interest for direct harvesting in particular?


3. Crop Protection: Weeds, Diseases and insects- incl. spray technology

Herbicide Resistance Management Systems:

Bayer Prosaro (3rd generation triazole) Velocity, Evergol Prime, Bayer hybrid canola.

Bayer: Craig White, Glen Bergersen- Bayer (HR testing)
Derek Curwen: Herbicide resistance trials. Mark Adams: Evergol Prime tests, Seed coating tests

Barley disease trials

Plus development of the Spore trap network for early warning system- ongoing

DAFWA: Kith Jayasena
Trials with Mick Moir, Greg Baum, Mark Adams and Mark Wood

Canola disease management

Mark Adams
Mark Adams

R&D root disease management

Field Diagnostics by UAV and new chemicals

DAFWA: Daniel Huberli and Andrea Hills
Based on RLN observations in 2013/14 UAV runs (Wood & Watterson) Proposal for 2015

Mutations in metabolic processes. Syngenta

Paul Chatfield
Monitoring in Boxer Gold test paddocks,

Trials on managing Herbicide resistance

Maybe Firebreaks not required???? (for discussion with Sally)

Sally Peltzer DAWA
Chemical fallow

Spray technology

Spray efficacy trials: GRDC(April workshop?)

Andrew Storrie /Bill Gordon
Chris Kirkwood and other SCF growers

Weed seed resistance testing-

SCF and SCF/GRDC Field tour (Aug 2015)- tour to UWA (AHRI –host) and then to HRZ case studies

Testing labs, AHRI
Plans for 2015 Spring tests with SCF? Chaff cart evaluation? Trials sub committee input?

Trial/demo work- meeting planned for with Brent and JB

Bevan Addison, Adama Australia
Kendenup – likely to be promotion of own products – not SCF role

Slugs and Snails project – GRDC project (RCSN funded)

Svet Micic
Yet to determine Svet’s plans for 2015? Svet presented at Aug 5 field day and at RCSN meet at Frankland 28 July.  Read more details about this Project.


4. Farming Systems, Pastures and Livestock

Legume pasture phases in rotations

– SCF /GRDC: Lemon & Blake:  G1 in barley in 2015

Jeffand Kate Stoney
Trial is cropped to Calingiri wheat in 2015 and nitrogen treatments now sprayed and legume response measured +/- pasture in 2014

Phased Pasture systems for livestock - MLA – John Blake

MLA: M1 pasture species trial (2015 in canola)
M2a: Pasture establishment with twin sowing (2014) and summer sowing (Feb 2015).
M2b +/- clay treatments set up in advance and twin sowing (June 2015)
M4 : Serradella pod top-dressed in front of Barley crop sown May 2015 for pasture 2016    

MLA project runs to April 2017
Refer 2015 Operating plan
John and Ashton Hood TBA
M1: Trial in canola in 2015. Yield mapping proposed. To be re-pegged for pasture regeneration measurements in 2016.
M2: Trial treatments applied in 2014/2015
M3: For Trials sub committee input

SCF/MLA: M3 Small seed / pod segment

– precision sowing seeder comparison

Peter Diprose / Barry Pearce / Kelvin Ridgway/ Daryl Hines/ A. Thomas /John Blake:
Test of canola seed / clover seed / and Serradella (pod not tested) using Peter’s precision seeder: site tests 2 April GOOD results to date.

MLA study (prime lamb focus with optimal worm control strategies)

MLA / DAFWA Brown Besier:
Andrew Slade, Mike Hyder

GRDC Grain & Graze project – phase 3

Jeremy Lemon and Perry Dolling
Iain Mackie and Steve Beech, Chris Kirkwood
Crop:Pasture site at Wellstead